Womens Medical Emoji Clogs aka Mules aka Slides

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Co-designed by a real live healthcare professional and our real little runt man!  These specially crafted clogs for medical personnel blend comfort and style to revolutionize your workday experience. Designed with precision and care, these slides are not just shoes; they're a statement of your commitment to patient care and well-being.

Clogs co-designed by a healthcare professional and our

Little Runt Man (sold separately)

**Embrace the Ambulance Adventure:** Step into your demanding role with enthusiasm! Our clogs feature an adorable emoji of our dedicated little runt man driving an ambulance seemingly asking where to next boss. This symbolizes your readiness to rush to the aid of those in need, putting your heart and soul into every situation.

**Heartfelt Dedication:** The heart emoji on these mules signifies the compassion and empathy you bring to your profession. Your genuine care for patients' well-being sets you apart, and these clogs are a testament to your commitment.

**Monitoring Excellence:** The heart monitor emoji highlights your vigilance in keeping a close watch on your patients' vital signs. With these slides, you're not just monitoring numbers – you're safeguarding lives.

**Precision and Skill:** The scalpel emoji pays tribute to your meticulous precision in surgeries and procedures. These clogs remind you and others of your indispensable role in the medical world.

**Healing Touch:** The bandaid emoji represents your role in soothing pain and healing wounds. As you wear these clogs, remember that you're an essential part of the recovery process.

**Hospital Haven:** The hospital emoji is a reminder of your workplace, where miracles happen daily. These clogs encapsulate the spirit of collaboration and dedication that defines your hospital environment.

**Pillars of Care:** The pill emoji showcases your role in administering medication and ensuring patients' well-being. Every step you take in these clogs reinforces your commitment to healing.  

**Scientific Curiosity:** The test tube emoji celebrates your inquisitive nature and dedication to continuous learning. Just as you explore new treatments and advancements, these clogs accompany you on your journey.

**Life-Sustaining Drops:** The blood drop emoji represents your contribution to saving lives through blood donations and medical care. Your actions are as vital as the oxygen in these clogs.

**Tech Savvy:** The tablet and clipboard emojis signify your embrace of technology for accurate record-keeping and patient care. With these clogs, you're ready to tackle the digital age of medicine.

**Innovative Spirit:** The flask emoji symbolizes your thirst for innovation and discovery. Just as you seek solutions, these clogs offer a refreshing take on medical footwear.

**Red Cross Resilience:** The red cross emoji embodies your dedication to the principles of healthcare. Wearing these clogs, you proudly carry the legacy of the medical profession.

**Temperature of Trust:** The thermometer emoji represents the trust your patients place in your hands. Walk confidently in these clogs, knowing you have the power to heal.

**Fluid Strength:** The blood bag emoji acknowledges your role in transfusions and medical interventions. These clogs stand as a testament to your life-saving capabilities.


With a range of sizes available, including men's sizes upon request, our Medical Professional clogs Collection ensures that every step you take is a confident and comfortable one. These clogs are more than shoes – they're a wearable tribute to your dedication, empathy, and expertise. Elevate your medical journey with footwear that understands your profession's demands while adding a touch of fun and symbolism to your everyday attire. Choose the clogs that resonate with your spirit and let your feet make a statement as bold as your medical career!


Need these in white, just email and let us know.  Need these in men's sizes, let us know and we'll get our little runt man right to work.  EMAIL: 

* Crafted from EVA bright white foam material
* With the style's signature fun holes on the upper
* Outsole made by Croslite(TM) footbed
* Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water quickly
* Clogs even offer pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit
* This classic clog is a cult favorite for women and men.

 This product is made on demand.