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About Us

TODAY - We bring U creative, high quality, fun products ranging from leggings, minishorts, dresses, skirts, swimwear & more.  We also donate 10% profit to women's cancer research, making U a hero to every woman.  (Tops = 10% to breast cancer) (Bottoms, shoes, socks = 10% to ovarian cancer) (Updated 11/25/2021)

AWESOME GODDESS LEGGINGS (Instagram's @Krush_Fit) This is the viral image that launched Heroic U with millions of views both on Facebook and on Instagram in the summer of 2017.  Frankly, we weren't prepared for such a take-off.  Our biggest mistake was when various media picked this image up, we didn't have it marked where to buy the leggings.

WOMAN POWER LEGGINGS (Instagram's @jamiledavies) Jamile won the Power Woman Brazil competition in 2017, and was on the Alpha Female television show in 2017 also.


AWESOME GODDESS MINISHORTS (Instagram's @mermaid.bootyThis young lady hails from Hawaii, and wears her minishorts as sleepwear primarily.


 Mermaid Spandex Dress Modeled by Instagram's @pt_zumbasta

Mermaid Green Skater Dress Flare Dress by HeroicU with her Little Runt Man

MERMAID SPANDEX SKIRT Modeled by Instagram's @Krush_Fit



Our company name is LiL Runt, LLC.  The brand for our clothing items is Heroic U. 

We started out selling a little man.  Yes you read that right, we sold tiny men LOL!  They are very easy to train, so we trained them to work for you by holding your pencils or rings.  The little guys are very realistic full color 3D printed sandstone statues made from a 3D scan of our founder.  He is posed to kneel on your desk to hold pens, or posed to kneel on your night stand holding your rings, pony tail bands, etc.  We named him the Little Runt Man, because he is only 3 inches tall, small enough to hold in your hand, but big enough to save your life.


We started making photoshopped images and video promoting the little guys, and got a great response.  One day our little runt man was on the break room couch taking a nap and our administrative assistant sat on him by accident.  He's so small she didn't even notice LOL!  She got up and was walking down the hall and when a co-worker told her he was stuck to her booty.  He survived and is doing fine now.  Thus the viral leggings design was born with him praying to your booty!