Fries Before Guys Beach Blanket
Sitting on fries before guys beach blanket
Fries before guys beach blanket hanging on fence to dry
Wrapped up in fries before guys beach blanket

Fries Before Guys Round Beach Blanket

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GIRL RULE - FRIES BEFORE GUYS! - This 61 inch diameter round beach blanket features Instagram's @babaslavka sipping original taste man tears before she starts working on her lunch.  

Fries before guys simply means fries first, men second, and the side dish on her plate is a good for you free range little man who fell asleep waiting his turn. Hey, a maneater's gotta eat!  Perfect for that alpha female on your shopping list!

This blanket shows Ukranian singer Slava Kaminska larger than life, just like we here at HeroicU brand see her, now you have a better idea how big her GIRL POWER is! 

Show who's boss and make your girlfriends green with envy this summer.  Perfect for the beach, pool, use it as a rug, or just lay it across your bed.  61 inch x 61 inch round shape.

Photoshopped image sourced with permission from professional photographer @olllyvento on Instagram.

Donates 20% profit to Ovarian Cancer Research!

Slava Kaminska Fries Before Guys Beach Blanket HeroicU Heroic-U little runt man

The big picture

Man Tears Drink Can Detail on Beach Blanket Fries Before Guys at HeroicU Heroic-U

Drink Up! (Drink detail)

Plate detail fries before guys beach blanket little runt man

Side dish detail - Tastes like chicken!

(NOTE:  No little runt men were hurt in the making of this photoshoot, maybe a little bruised and out of breath, but not too bad and its for a good cause anyway) 

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Amazingly soft polyester.

Size: 61"x61"

Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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