Unicorn Mermaid Collection

Ashlee's Fitness Classes are a BIG DEAL in Tulsa, Oklahoma and she believes in YOU and so should you.

Ashlee Buchert Unicorn Inspired Mermaid Leggings and Padded Bra

This collection is from the mind of Ashlee and brought to life by the little runt man designer of the HeroicU (Heroic YOU) brand.  If you want to get fit attend her many fitness classes. 

If you want to look super cool, wear HeroicU at Ashlee's fitness classes and become a REAL LIFE HERO with 20% profit being donated to Ovarian Cancer Research.

Check her out here and sign up with the link in her bio - Instagram - Ashlee Buchert

Ashlee teaches all of these and you have FUN while getting fit!

* Turbokick

* Piyo

* Soul Fusion

* Insanity

* P90x

* Cycle

* Yoga

* Soul Strength

* Transform

* Hip Hop

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