Woman Power Booty Boosting Leggings with Power Woman Jamile Davies

Our viral leggings with 2 booty boosters were modeled by the Coach and Co-Owner of her very own Alpha Project, Instagrammer Jamile who now has 122,000 followers.  When we saw she was a prior winner of the POWER WOMAN Brazil 2017, we knew our viral leggings were the best leggings for a perfect fit for her title!

jamile davies power woman brazil competition

Our squat approved leggings are tested in the video below featuring the copyright free music of Janji - We can be heroes tonight.

See her video working out in these viral leggings on YouTube here!

This video below her in an ab workout in Phuket Thailand, and you can see why we asked her to model for us.

Here's another video of Jamile working out on our YouTube Channel HERE

Here's her choice of leggings, what about you?

Woman Power Beige Leggings With 2 Booty Boosters

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