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Woman Power Flipflops with Men Bowing Down or Crushed Underfoot

GET YOURS CUSTOMIZED 🔊🎶 music is titled "A Little Crazy" 😜 — Soon the #beach 🏖 will be calling — so answer the call in these perfect #fabric covered #flipflops — featuring a tiny man 🙇 between your toes who you can make disappear with one small move.  Under your #bossgirl heel is a partly flattened guy with your choice of what to write ✍️ on his chest. 

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@oklahunny 👑 chose #crushed by @oklahunny — fun for #girlsnight or even #bachelorettepartyideas — let us know what you want to see DM is and we’ll make something you will ❤️ because #girlsruletheworld


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