VIRAL Booty Boosting Leggings & Awesome Crop Top

Our VIRAL leggings adore and lift your alpha female booty, because you are a boss girl and these little guys printed on the leggings under your booty work for you!! The crop top has two tiny guys underneath your girls praising, lifting and adoring them with AWESOME emblazoned across your chest. and our website link on the back.

BE A REAL LIFE HERO with your purchase as we donate 20% profit to Ovarian Cancer Research.

Check out LiL Precious doing her glute workout on our YouTube Channel HERE

Our Instagram video was posted 12-9-2019 and shows Instagram's @LiL.Precious and her 333,000 followers plus 4 (two up high and two down low) - She is working her glutes and legs in her Woman Power Leggings and Awesome Crop Top.

Our designer, Instagram's @LiL_Runt_4_U would say she's tall (he's only ankle high to her), but he looks up to her and you, and of course you can buy your very own little runt man to set on your desk and put him to work for you boss girl. Just ask us how.

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