Best leggings to make everyone smile - Awesome Goddess Butt Lift

best leggings  from heroicu with 2 little runt men adoring her butt

Little men under your butt lift your biggest ASSet.  These VIRAL leggings will have you and your friends laughing your butts off.  The tiny men under your boss girl butt will hold it on, try and shake them off, but they will always support you!  Donates 20% profit to Ovarian Cancer Research, making you a real life hero!!

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These HeroicU Awesome Goddess Leggings are modeled by Instagram Influencer @shamelesslyreckless and were perfect for a short stroll around the neighborhood.  Every step she took put these little guys to work.

Do you have what it takes to be an Awesome Goddess? 
Mix and match, wear one at a time, but stand above it all!
Best crop top match to the leggings
Girls underwear perfect for underneath the leggings
Girls volleyball socks
Girls basketball socks
Girls track socks
Girls running socks
Girls softball socks
Girls soccer socks
Girls weightlifting socks
Girls just kicking it around the house 

Girls Rule Socks (flat man underfoot 1 - Didn't respect girl power written on his back) (Link coming soon)

Girls Rule Socks (flat man underfoot 2 - Learned the hard way written on his tiny flattened chest) (Links coming soon)

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