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Mermaid Purple Water Spandex Dress Stands Out

purple mermaid spandex dress

This Mermaid Goddess Dress controls the fate of men. A beautiful purple water patterned spandex dress has the two tiny men at her feet falling to their knees adoring her as she towers above them. The little guys are also for sale!  One stays on her boss girl desk holding her pen, the other holds her rings on her nightstand.

But both know who is in charge! 

#prettygirl #melaninbeauty #mermaids #lovelovelove this #purple 🧜‍♀️ #mermaidstyle #spandexdress while the pattern keeps #oceanlover Instagam Influencer 👸@keynu_ruth keep in touch with her mermaid origins 🌊 - and the #littleruntmen #atherfeet #adore the ground she walks on.

Be the HeroicU #bossgirl and become a true hero as 20% profits are donated to Ovarian Cancer Research!

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