HeroicU best womens leggings to lift your butt go VIRAL AGAIN

Viral again, this time comedian Deon Cole posted to his @deoncole Instagram and as of 6/7/2022 had over 31,000 likes and almost 1,100 comments.  He has since removed the post, butt, the post was "regranned" and thus proof he posted it (see link above).

Our model is Instagram's @keynu_ruth she has her own business (check her profile out and show her some love!) and yet she gave our little runt man a chance to:

men lifting a womans butt and lifting a peach

heroicu viral leggings with men lifting a womans butt

The original image is much clearer (see lower in this blog post) than the meme, but just as impressive.  These are a copyrighted design ONLY LEGALLY available through our website.  Anywhere else and they are ripping off the design AND they aren't donating to Ovarian Cancer Research, which is why YOU are a HERO at HeroicU, YOU save lives with every purchase from HeroicU!

Get your never ending support for your butt here!

If you think your butt can't be lifted (too small or too big) then you can opt for our new design where you sat on our little runt man and he is stuck to your butt! LOL!

HeroicU little runt man flattened on butt

After these went viral the first time, Keynu is pictured below as she explained to our little runt man how he will be working for her.  He now is on flip flops, shoes, socks, underwear, padded bras, crop tops, beach towels and more.  Keynu had our little runt man 3D printed as a tiny statue she keeps on her desk so he can hold her pen for her while she works, when he's not supporting her elsewhere of course!

heroicu leggings lifting a womans butt and woman with tiny man in her hand

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