Flip Flops That Love Your Feet

love your feet with heroic-u purple flip flops
Love your feet 👣 as much as our little runt man designer does!  


Enjoy more fun at the beach in Heroic-U fabric covered flip flops!

CUSTOMIZE with your name boss girl!

Here we see a photo of what Instagram's Lupus Warrior Princess sees when she looks down and sees our little runt man take a pause from massaging her feet to give her a hug.  Well, a foot hug anyway.  She laughed when she felt him latch onto her foot after a seagull began eyeballing him. 

"And you are scared of a bird Runt?" she asked.

"Nope, just making sure you know I am here" Runt squeaked.

"Right, little guy, enough hugging and get back to massaging like a good little runt man, this teacher needs some relaxation on this teacher feet up friday " she said as she used her other foot to pry him off of her foot, flinging him a few feet away.  He quickly ran back to her and commenced to punching her foot, which for her is a massage due to his small size.  She saw him looking over his shoulder at the bird still sitting there watching him.  

"Seriously Runt, which one has more power?  Me or that bird?" she asked him.

"But it's the size of a pteradactyl" he whined.  He looked back at her seeing her eyebrow raised.

"Of course you do" he said. 

"Then forget about that bird, I have Woman Power, just like it says on my flip flops featuring you" she said.

She felt him get back to work, and laid her head back down as she remembers how each step in her fabric covered flip flops feels like a tiny massage.  Ah, life is good to be Queen.

The little guy worships the ground she walks on as you can see on each flip flop which you can own too!

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