Our little man pen holder with rock hard abs kneels for you boss girl!

Hey boss girl, hold his real rock hard abs and muscular back pinched between your fingers!  Train this 2.8 inch tall little runt of a man to kneel on your desk in his hawaiian shorts to hold your pen.  He never talks back, and awaits your command, because you rule!

3D printed surfer dude pen holder with rock hard abs

We made this tiny man for girl bosses like YOU to enjoy this 3D printed statue made from a 3D scan of our founder.

Our first Instagram post way back on November 09, 2016 featured this image of our newly introduced Little Runt Man, the name fits, as he fits in the palm of your hand.  If you just need a hug, here he is, ready to oblige, but, he can only hug a finger or toe!

Buy at our 3D printing manufacturer and help fight cancer.  20% profit donated to Ovarian Cancer research. This makes you a real life hero!  Become the Heroic-U!

If you break him, yes we know girls can be rough sometimes, you can superglue him back together.

Ask us any questions you like, and we'll be happy to tell you more about our little runt man, his adventures and our product offerings.  Visit our page to see our blog, and by all means please consider buying one of these little guys, or other items that he has designed just for you. 

Follow our page here and see cool new products and how this little runt man looks up to you, because to him, you are a giant girl Hero!

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