Don't Tell Me To Calm Down Tshirt For Her

Dont tell her to calm down - Dont tell me to calm down - heartbreaker

Our little runt man @lil_runt_4_u was flattened underfoot while working with this model when she told him to bring her flip flops to her.  He was clearly taking too long and she told him to hurry up.  Then the fateful words escaped his lips "Calm Down, I am trying" and then a shadow fell over him.

He looked up as she raised her foot up over him.  He turned to run and, here we are.  "Calm Down" equals a flattened little runt man stuck to her foot.  She lifted him up in the air and said "this might make a fun T-Shirt don't you think?"  The photographer laughed and said, "Sure if he survives it."

She peeled him off holding him up to her face, "Yeah, he will make it, and he got a new t-shirt image to sell, I hope he learned his lesson"


Perfect for that girl you know that can't handle it when she is told to calm down.  The shirt is fair warning, and required a little bit of pain to make so you can have a bit of fun.  The back image zooms in to get a better view of the offender and shows everyone what will happen to them...YIKES!

Get yours here Don't Tell Me To Calm Down

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