Awesome Women's Shirt with 2 Men Holding Awesome Up

I’m the #littleruntman  designer and met a Princess on Facebook 4.0 #brandambassador for a #photoshootsession Camera with Flash on Facebook 4.0 with my new #girlsruletheworld #tshirt Woman’s Clothes on Facebook 4.0

The photographer sat me down on the table at lunch and said the #girlmodel could use me be in the photoshoot if she wanted.  She laughed saying “So it really is a little runt man”.  I gave her a Thumbs Up on Facebook 4.0 - She looked back at the photographer and said “Ok, so what should I do with him?”  The photographer said “You are an Awesome #girlboss you can do whatever you want, just don’t hurt him”

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She smiled “Well you are dressed for a swim Man Swimming on Facebook 4.0, so how about I put you inside my water Droplet on Facebook 4.0 bottle?”  She then squeezed me down into her drink, and said “ok in there #runt ?”  I nodded and she said “ok let’s have some fun, well, really me, but that is what your brand is about right?”  

Then she walked around the plaza telling anyone that asked about me in the bottle saying “the drink is pure #mantears and I can get a fresh supply just by shaking the bottle with this little runt man” Face with Tears of Joy on Facebook 4.0

Awesome shirt tiny man in water bottle girlboss

Do you want to have a #littlefun then check out this unique and fun Star-Struck on Facebook 4.0 design from our little designer.

Note:  The little runt man was not harmed (bad) in the making of this shirt or in the photoshoot.  He was a little pruny and it was hard to get him back out of the bottle, but it was fun.

Shirt features Star-Struck on Facebook 4.0 AWESOME Smiling Face with Sunglasses on Facebook 4.0 on your chest and 2 men underneath the word #awesome lifting and praising YOU #bossgirl Princess on Facebook 4.0 — The design draws attention to your assets, with the 2 hardworking men  have a ribbon Reminder Ribbon on Facebook 4.0on their ribs #breastcancerawareness 

Perfect for #girlsnightin or #bachelorettepartyideas

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