Awesome T Shirt (Give Yourself A Boob Lift) Only From HeroicU

Awesome T Shirt with men adoring and men lifting a womans boobs

Our little runt man lifts your boobs with every move you make, as everyone watches you!  Big or small he lifts them all!  (Big ones he may hide under -- small ones he calls attention to) Put him to work for you or a girlfriend who needs a little lift or needs a big laugh!

Exclusive design here BEST SUPPORTING SHIRT EVER!

Our little runt man always works for you boss girl!  He's only ankle high to this girl boss for this photoshoot.  He had a hard time getting the model's attention and almost wound up flattened like you see him on our flip flops and socks (ladies please watch your step)...but he may have it coming anyway.

20% profit donated to Ovarian Cancer Research

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