BLOGPOST - A little runt man found on WOMAN POWER beach looks up to a boss girl

Story told from the perspective of #girlboss 👑 @oklahunny for some Friday fun 🎉 While out for a #flipflops beach stroll 🏖 I stopped and looked out at the ocean 🌊. Looking down I saw this #littleruntman 🙇‍♂️ looking up at me.

heroicu tiny little runt man looking up from a womans feet wearing flip flops on the beach

I laughed and poked him with my sandal and said “You should be more careful getting a suntan ☀️ on a #womanpower beach runt, you almost became part of my flip flop”

I saw his little mouth move but couldn’t hear him with the ocean sound and his tiny voice. “I can’t hear you little guy, do you like my beach feet?” He gave me a thumbs up.

I took my phone 📱 and said “Runtfie” and took a photo 📸 of him. Then I told him “let’s see what I should do with you”, and I called a girlfriend and showed her the photo.

“Yes, it is real.” I told her. “Does it have a name? Dunno 🤷‍♀️ I just call it Runt ... I know right ... it looks like one LOL.”

“Take it home and put it to work for me?”? “Haha, yeah girls do rule the world, but I dunno if I want to train a pet man 🐶”.

I looked passed my phone and he was still sitting there looking up at his new owner 🦹‍♀️ “I guess that would make me a runt trainer right? 😂, but you are right I could teach him to paint 🎨 my nails, and he looks like a nails lover”. “You love my nails right Runt?” “I think I saw his head nod yes, so yeah, I can employ him in my little nail salon just for muah”

I picked him up and finished my beach walk, taking my new toy 🧸 home for some fun 🤩 and games.

“I have some ideas 💡 that will make my flip flops more fun and they involve you little Runt man”, then I dropped him in my purse 👛 and zipped him up for his ride to his new home.

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