Girls Rule Ankle Socks - 09-23-2023 Redesign - white
Girls Rule Ankle Socks - 09-23-2023 Redesign - white

Girls Rule Ankle Socks - Make Men Squirm Underfoot & Bow Down on Top

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Two tiny men look up as they bow down to you with GIRLS RULE written around them. Underfoot is a crushed flat tiny man who could be your annoying boss or co-worker, ex-boyfriend, or ex-husband who you can feel good knowing you put them where they belong. Great for girls night out laughs!

These one-of-a-kind ankle socks feature a delightful twist on conventional designs. On the front side, you'll find a tiny, bowing man we affectionately call "Runt." He's looking up to you, embodying the spirit of respect and admiration. The phrase "Girls Rule" is prominently displayed so you can read it loud and clear, reminding you and anyone who steals a glance that empowerment is key!

**Hidden Surprise:**
But here's the real kicker – on the underfoot side of these socks, there's a crushed, flattened little man. He's the embodiment of all those annoying bosses, ex-boyfriends, or ex-husbands who just didn't learn to bow down to your strength and resilience. With every step you take, you'll catch a glimpse of this tiny man before he disappears under your foot again. It's like giving them a taste of their own medicine with each stride!

**The Ultimate Stress Buster:**
Need a good laugh? These socks have got you covered! Slip off your shoes, prop up your feet, and flex your toes to make that tiny, flat man squirm around underfoot – it's a surefire way to share a laugh with the girls. Imagine all your worries getting flattened just like him as you enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

**Perfect for Every Occasion:**
Whether you're heading to the office, out with friends, or just lounging at home, these socks are the perfect conversation starter. They make a fantastic gift for yourself or your friends who appreciate a good laugh and a dose of empowerment.

With our "Girls Rule" novelty ankle socks, you'll not only take each step with confidence but also add a touch of humor to your day. So, why settle for ordinary socks when you can make a statement with every stride? Elevate your sock game and let your inner strength shine through – because Girls Rule, and these socks are here to prove it!

These stretchy, comfortable ankle socks are a breathable summer choice that pairs well with sneakers. The patented Soft Touch thread gives them an extra-soft feel.

  • 80% spandex, 20% polyester | Fabric Weight: .09 oz (lightweight)
  • One size fits most: Mens Size: 6-12 Ladies Size: 4-12 Kids Size: 4 & Up
  • Cuff .75", Approx. Length 7.25" (Including Cuff), Approx. Width 3.25"
  • Ankle cut, no-show socks
  • Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
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