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Ankle Socks - Lesia Rules
Ankle Socks - Lesia Rules - white
Ankle Socks - Lesia Rules - white

Ankle Socks - Lesia Rules

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The HeroicU #littleruntman bows down on top of her socks and moves and stretches with every move Lesia makes, setting the example for all of her subjects.  

Lesia Rules is written in front of him for her to read when she looks down, and behind him for people facing her to read --> Underfoot is a crushed tiny guy that can be seen when she props her feet up to watch television, or he might be seen occasionally as she walks across the room, or when relaxing outside. 

Talk about getting bent out of shape, he stretches with each move of her foot.  The little flat man underfoot serves as a warning to any that cross her, they may wind up in the same place 

These stretchy, comfortable ankle socks are a breathable summer choice that pairs well with sneakers. The patented Soft Touch thread gives them an extra-soft feel.

  • 80% spandex, 20% polyester | Fabric Weight: .09 oz (lightweight)
  • One size fits most: Ladies Size: 4-12 Kids Size: 4 & Up
  • Cuff .75", Approx. Length 7.25" (Including Cuff), Approx. Width 3.25"
  • Ankle cut, no-show socks
  • Item is not returnable
  • Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
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    One Size 7.5 in 3.3 in