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Our little runt man custom socks love you more than you do (is that possible?)

Late #feetupfriday ⏰ β€” here we see the HeroicU designer little runt man 🍀 as he applies lotion to the feet of @oklahunny in this feetselfie πŸ“Έ she took with him in it β€” She is training this little guy to work for her (she found him on a beach πŸ– finders keepers).
She took this photo just after she told him he has one of two options β€” 1. Be the guy on top of her #customsocks πŸ™‡ or 2. Be the guy underfoot on her bossgirl socks.
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Tiny man at her feet custom socks with him bowing down on top and crushed underfoot

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