Little Runt Man Lap Dog

BLOG POST - Even a little runt man has to eat!
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How does he wind up printed on the underside of her sock?  Read on! @lupuswarriorprincess on Instagram is a doTerra advocate and owner of her very own little runt man.  Check her out for any doTerra Essential Oils you might want to know more about, and ask her to see me.  She trained me to hold her doTerra for her when she doesn't have me on her desk holding her pens as she grades papers.

She told me to be quiet when she got tired of my whining to have a bite to eat so here I am on her lap giving her puppy dog eyes over the edge of her 🍽️plate as she watches television.  She took this runtfie of me and she sighed, "I fed you earlier Runt, so why don't you make yourself useful....hmmmm?"

She grabbed my arm and lowered me down to the floor and told me to fetch her doTerra Essential Oils (part of my job working for the boss girl).  I stood there looking up at her plate.  She reached her foot down and gave me a light kick telling me, "Scoot along Runt, your socks design could come true if you get my drift"

A sprint might have described my speed.

NOTE:  Don't tick off the boss girl or the little runt man becomes a little flat man!

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Best girl socks EVER made.  Girls Rule at the top, liquid lightning bolts on your calves, you rule on top of your toes, and of course a flattened little runt man underfoot who did not respect girl power.  One of several fun and empowering designs.  Perfect for the girl that wishes her ex was here!

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