Girl socks flatten a little runt man underfoot


He said she said flat man underfoot on sock

Socks that flatten a little runt man underfoot will be your new favorite!   

You rule socks girl power

Top of your toes read YOU RULE as the little Runt man agrees looking up to you. 

Girl Power Socks With Purple Liquid Lightning

Your calves have a LIQUID LIGHTNING bolt and GIRL POWER is written at the top of your calves.  Perfect for those alpha female GIRL BOSSES!

Every step you take teaches a guy that you know or encounter during your GIRL BOSS day a lesson.  

> During meetings when THE TALKER won’t shut up, just twist him out inside your shoe, only you know he is there.  

>When running each step makes a the little guy underfoot just a little flatter.

>Blow off steam when you feel like just stomping a guy that has it coming, stomp your foot while looking at him and he is the flattened little Runt man underfoot.


This photo shows a SOLE to SOUL talk between lupuswarriorprincess and her little Runt man as she explains her GIRL POWER socks to him.  She sat him on her chair and crossed her leg to show him the underside.  She said, "That is you, if you disrespect my GIRL POWER, see, it has it written right on your back.  Looks like you got a little flattened too LOL"

Runt pointed as she took a photo of him calling it a #runtfie "You wouldn't really do that right?" She responded, "Just do as you are told and you don't have to worry about it m'kay"

"Moving on, here on top of my toes, there you are again, (not flat this time) because you are showing me that I rule.  Says so right behind you."

"Then there is the cool liquid Purple Lightning which I can wear on the outside of my calves or the inside, looks cool either way."

And last but not least, GIRL POWER at the top of my socks, because I have it.

So now with you on my socks, you can go running with me or be there when I am teaching class.  I might even do a feet up Friday post with you on there LOL.  Fun fun fun with Instagram's @lupuswarriorprincess and socks designer @LiL_Runt_4_U for our brand @HeroicU 


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